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Gear Ratio

4.7:1, 5.2:1


Engineered Nylon+Aluminum

Reel Length

60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm

Max Drag

10kg/22lb, 12kg/26.5lb, 9kg/19.84lb


230g/8.11oz, 240g/8.47oz, 287g/10.13oz, 294g/10.37oz, 411g/14.5oz, 423g/14.92oz

PE Line Capacity

10lbs/180yds 12lbs/150yds 14lbs/130yds, 12lbs/180yds 14lbs/150yds 16lbs/130yds, 4lbs/220yds 5lbs/170yds 6lbs/140yds, 5lbs/220yds 6lbs/170yds 8lbs/140yds, 6lbs/220yds 8lbs/180yds 10lbs/150yds, 8lbs/190yds 10lbs/140yds 12lbs/110yds

Nylon Capacity

0.15mm/195m 0.18mm/155m 0.2mm/130m, 0.18mm/220m 0.2mm/180m 0.26mm/100m, 0.28mm/185m 0.3mm/160m 0.35mm/130m, 0.2mm/230m 0.23mm/170m 0.28mm/110m, 0.35mm/240m 0.4mm/180m 0.45mm/140m, 0.3mm/205m 0.35mm/175m 0.4mm/130m

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